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The ALMR Difference
Safety Liquidity Flexibility

Our Philosophy

At ALMR Services, when it comes to being a deposit referral service and making financial investments, we believe three features stand above the rest: Safety, Liquidity and Yield. It's the focus and precision of these three things that distinguish ALMR from all other financial service companies.
Safety: As an investor, it is important to feel comfortable with your financial decisions. That is why we specialize in CD investments as well as Government Securities investments. These investments offer you the most security and will preserve your principle and interest.

Liquidity: We find liquidity is the second most important aspect of your investment. This is met by laddering out your maturities from 30 days to 20 years as well as having CD and Government Securities that can be sold in the secondary market.

Yield: ALMR Services strives to maximize success of their clients' yields. We do this through the various network of traders and dealers we work with as to not limit our resources and to maximize your yield on your investments.

The Right Investment

At ALMR Services, we're here to find the right investment for you and we know we can get you good rates because we have a larger client base. We offer numerous types of CDs and Government Securities investment options including:
  • Fixed Rate - which offers a guaranteed rate regardless of where interest rates go.
  • Variable Rate - usually based on either a pre-set schedule or tied to the performance of a specified market index.
  • Callable - offered above-market rates and are usually available in up to 20-year terms.
  • DTC Eligible - Depository Trust Eligible CDs allow the investor to sell in secondary markets and depositors to raise large denominations with less paperwork.
  • Custodial - Custodial CDs are sellable in secondary markets and like DTC, they are centralized by one clearing firm.
  • Direct CDs - CDs placed directly with the banks and are not held at any clearing firm.
  • Government Securities - are bonds, notes, and other debt instruments, which are sold by a government. These are sold to finance government borrowings.