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Deposit Referral Services

Bank and Funding Information

ALMR Services customizes the perfect investment plans for you.

ALMR is here for all your CD and funding needs. We offer multiple funding choices so that you can lower your overall cost of funds when acquiring the funding you need. With more funding choices, you will expand your client base.

As your trusted broker portfolio manager, we'll contact investors that are currently in the market and increase your prospects by filtering out clients who currently have deposits with your institution. Our clients include banks, credit unions and municipalities. ALMR will market your rates and terms for you.

Being broker portfolio managers, ALMR believes it is important that institutions have the choice of funding type and increments they desire — that's why we offer individual deposits up to the maximum FDIC limit. We can also provide block funding that exceeds these limits with and without collateral. We work with you to find the best way to keep your cost of funds down. In addition to Deposit Referral Services, ALMR also offers DTC Funding, which reduces the need to actually move paper certificates, and Direct Placement Funding, which are CDs directly sold to one or more professional investors.

The differences between Local Deposits vs. Deposit Referral Services

Local Deposits:

  • Generally, smaller dollar amounts are used. Because of this, your liquidity needs may not be fulfilled in a timely manner.
  • When banks are looking to grow liquidity, it is necessary for them to advertise to the core deposit market. Advertising costs cut into profits and yield limited results for CD accounts.
  • Your staff is personally in charge of producing and handling all required CIP documents.
  • There are no guarantees with this type of CD investment. Funds must be spent up front, and attracting deposits and meeting liquidity needs is unnecessarily inconvenient.

Deposit Referral Service (ALMR Services):

  • With a deposit referral service like ALMR, larger dollar amounts sufficiently handle liquidity needs.
  • Costly advertising fees are not detrimental to CD account funds. Usually the deposits received are part of a larger investment portfolio. These portfolios thrive on the need for renewal rates making them more stable than core deposits as long as your institutions still need the funds. Forming this large deposit portfolio minimizes your cost of funds.
  • You won't need to worry about any CIP requirements; ALMR will support your staff by gathering all necessary documents to satisfy requirements.
  • No speculation needed – from the beginning, all costs are shown. Because you see all costs up front, cost analyses are more accurate and you'll easily be able to find the lowest cost of funds.